Volume 9 Issue 1-2 - 2011

The Future of Technical and Vocational Education and Training

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002-015 Editorial: The future of technical and vocational education and training: Global challenges and possibilities
Rupert Maclean, Ada Lai
016-034 Skills and education for all from Jomtien (1990) to the GMR of 2012: A policy history
Kenneth King
035-048 Where to now for vocational education and training in Africa?
Simon McGrath
049-059 Teacher education in TVET: Developing a new paradigm
Shyamal Majumdar
060-071 TVET and the poor: Challenges and possibilities
Stephen Lamb
072-094 The implications of skills deepening for vocational education and training in Australia
Tom Karmel
095-109 Is skill training a good investment for the poor? The evidence from Pakistan
Shehryar Janjua
110-122 Informal training for skilled workers: Issues arising from a qualitative study in four sites in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh
Claire Noronha, Tanuka Endow
123-133 TVET initiatives in Southeast Asian countries in response to increasing labour mobility within the region and beyond
Paryono Paryono
134-151 Global skills and mobility challenges and possibilities for VET: A cross-border cross-sectoral case study
Roslyn Cameron, Terry O'Hanlon-Rose
152-163 Building future sustainability and democratic practices: The role of adult education in post-conflict communities
Georgia Lysaght, Peter Kell
164-178 Offshore teaching practice in the Australia-Pacific Technical College: A case study in the South Pacific
Anthony Bailey

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